Test Project - VG Litmus Test
Published 2 years ago
Built as a sample project in just a few days – demonstrates a scalable GUI across a large variety of screen ratios, plus a cloud-based content propagation system using an SQL database.
A simple quiz game for windows!
This project was part of a job interview, but I like the way it turned out. Questions are populated from an online database, and play statistics are stored remotely, so it has a sort-of high score board at the end. Screen sizes are more to display scalable UI elements more than anything, so feel free to ignore.
NOTE: Requires an internet connection to receive question data! Will not work otherwise! Not spyware! (I know, that's just what a proponent of spyware would say).
You can download and play on, link posted under website.
Jonny Aiello
Programmer / Designer / Artist - Programmer