[Test] AI Car Race
A system developed for a test with Custom Editor, AI and UI implementation, UnityWebRequest (WWW) and JSON manipulation
1) A closed path may be projected using the custom editor. Features:
  • Can add and remove nodes
  • Can change the position of the nodes.
  • Display the path in the editor
  • Serialize the information of the nodes in a way that is always updated
2) Parse of a JSON file (“data.txt”) placed in the streaming folder. It contains the player's information and the other game settings.
3) Total of 8 players chose randomly that will take part in the race, ordered by the velocity, from the slowest to the fastest, and instantiated every XXX milliseconds (according to playersInstantiationDelay on JSON).
4) Every player follows the path with a uniform velocity which is provided by the player information. They move using the engine physics system and collide with the track.
5) The players use a basic AI to avoid colliding with each other.
Alexandre Chacon
Senior Unity - Programmer