Terrium Alpha
Updated 9 months ago
In development
Mac; Linux; Windows
Terrium is an online eSport featuring vehicular laser tag on Windows, Mac and Linux desktop platforms. You can explore battlegrounds across air, land and sea in player-designed maps. Our audience ranges from competitive shooter to vehicular racing fans – our more creative players will also enjoy the many tools provided for world creation. To compete in laser tag, one person per server room is hunted – aka, the Quarry. The Quarry shoots players for points, but once they’re hit they lose the Quarry.

You can use any of four vehicles (buggy, hovercraft, jet and tank) each with uniquely balanced physics, laser weapons and special abilities. This allows for a variety of strategic styles from which to choose. Soon you can buy vehicle cosmetics in our upcoming vehicle editor to enhance player individuality.

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Mac; Linux; Windows