“Territory” indirectly teaches it’s players how important trees are , in the game they’ll start having no food or wood to build , therefore in real life they’ll start caring more about trees and actually realize what happens when only 1 tree gets cut down. GAME STORY : - You live on an island , build what you need from it’s trees (reasonably) , eat from it’s fruit , and drink from the ocean around. - Until one day , a ship full of people comes and decides to move in to the island. - They start cutting down a lot of trees excessively to free up space and build houses. - With trees being cut down you start losing resources and can’t really keep building your essentials to live , nor eat and live on their fruit. - You will have to start defending your island and what’s on it to mark it as your territory by fighting the enemies , plant trees , and using the island resources (trees,fruit,water..etc) reasonably. Where will The game be available (and what’s special about it) : - Territory will be on steam greenlight soon , and when launched , with each game purchase, FIVE trees will be planted by donating money to special trees organizations. We're running a crowdfunding campaign until 16 February , 2017 ! Check it out here : OUR MEDIA : Territory – Twitter : Low Eyed Studios – Twitter : Low Eyed Studios – Facebook : Low Eyed Studios – Youtube :
Loai Qubti
Game developer