Terrans of the Far Planet
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An FPS Science Fantasy Game Mixed with Base Building and Tower Defense set on a mysterious ancient island which appeared following the approach of the Black Anomaly which threaten to consume the entire planet. Near enemy territory, the player must survive waves of enemies using a Mobile Constructor powered by warp crystals. Build Gun Towers, Manned Turrets, Resource Bases and Facilities and Defeat each Enemy waves until you reach the Ancient Weapon which will destroy the Black Anomaly once and for all.
You have 3 classes to choose from, One is the Guardsman class Specializing in Cannons and Offense, another is the Builder class Specializing in Missile weaponry and Defense, the last one will be the Archivist class Specializing in Energy weapons and Resources.
Turrets and Bases
Each class will have their own special Turrets, Weapons, Facility and Artifacts. But all Classes will have Auto Gun Turrets as a starter Turret. There are 3 types of Turrets, A Manual Turret, A Gun Tower and an Anti Air-Turret.
You don't just get resources by defeating an enemy wave. You need structures like Extractors and Processors to generate resources each wave. Each structure takes certain amount of waves to build, A generator will finish construction after 1 wave while a Facility takes 4 waves to complete construction. Everything time based will be wave based.
Each structure requires power to operate any excess power goes to the reserves which can be used for emergency power or to build structures.
Resource management is also part of the game. These resources are Crystals, Metal, Energy reserves and ammunition.
Your Turrets have good firepower but have limited ammo and Turrets share ammunition depending of the type of ammo needed. Manufacturers are structures used for generating additional ammo per wave.
Upgrades are scattered around the map and are usually located within structures, you have a special tool to retrieve the upgrade and bring install it to your structure. Each structure has 3 available upgrade slots. Upgrades can increase max shields, increase resource production per wave or speed up Build time. There are many types of upgrades around the map from common to rare upgrades.
Each Class have their own Research Facility, these facilities can create their own upgrades which can be used to structures and turrets. The Guardsman has a Weapons Facility which focuses on Damage and Ammunition. The Builder uses a Defense Facility to Boost Shield and Provide HP and Shield Regeneration. The Archivist uses a Science Facility to help produce more resources every wave.
Damage Types
Each Class have Tier 1 and Tier 2 Damage Types which are upgrades exclusive to Research and cannot be found on the map. Tier 1 Damage Types include Ion, Kinetic, Magnetic and Tier 2 Damage Types include Null, Warp and Photon.
Objectives are simply wave triggers from starting it to ending a level.
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