Terrain Generation in Shoot and Build
Updated 2 years ago
Terrain Generation
In Shoot and Build we wanted Terrain to be auto generated on each run. We were inspired by the article
and also wanted to start off with generating a Voronoi Diagram. After finding out that most free available Voronoi Solutions had errors in edge cases or were hard to read and modify, we decided to write our own implementation. We started of with the simplest Delauny Triangulation method we could find
... and transformed it into a Voronoi Diagram

Then we Marked some of the fields as "Water" and built up a water-distance-field. This enabled us to assign a "Region" to every cell
Then we rasterized those regions onto a regular Grid, that we used for the terrain-heights and terrain textures. Finally we generated some Region-SpecificProps.
And thats it. Here are some results.
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