Tennis Fighter FC
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A future where martial super-powered tennis arts are the most praised form of Entertainment
Post update:
I spent a small amount of time today adding in a new virtual camera and some additional post processing effects from the SC Post Effects Pack. If I get bored I might continue to update this to a decent stage and post it here if anyone is curious to see. I'm still a little bit confused with Recorder's compression and change of output colour. I can't seem to work it well. If anyone has tips, let me know.
Also for my last post, I didn't know how to use the video embedded function here so I only pasted the link haha.
Many Issued, unfortunately I have ran out of time. I used the Toon Battle Soundtrack and a bit of the Sci-Fi VFX package in the final video
Update 10/05/2018 v2
I was struggling getting post processing stack working in the 2018 unity version I was using. After wasting a few hours I reverted back to 2017 and everything worked well. Loving how much fun post processing stack is. I added volumetric lights on the floating stand where the referee is using the HX VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING package in the image below
It was finally time to give each fighter their own tennis rackets

Update 10/05/2018
I kept the sculpts simple and didn't go too far with detailing since the end model inside of Unity will be quite stylised (also due to time constraints)

Sculpting the lion-type player took a lot long than expected. Designing wasn't quite flowing a quickly as I would have liked, but ah that's art for you

I retopologised both models, taking shortcuts where I could, and textured them inside of Quixel's DDO. Below are the lowpoly models and flat (no lighting) diffuse texture
I wanted to quickly add one more additional character, the referee. To do this, I extracted parts of a police officer model from the POLYGON City Pack and added my own bits to it. Having the officer's base costume/clothing will help the setting feel that bit more suburban.
I ended up going with a 4 armed bird-type character, and quickly sculpted over it in zbrush. The final model will be quite dark in the background (as to not distract from the tennis characters) so not too much attention was needed for it
Below is the final lowpoly model and flat diffuse texture of the bird-officer referee. I kept with black and white colours to relate to the standard referee costume more, while applying pink bits to blend with the futuristic setting.
The test scene inside of the POLYGON Sci-Fi City Pack worked wonderfully as a base for the environment. After further utilising assets from the package along with assets from the POLYGON City Pack, a suitable scene was starting to shape.
To better blend the characters and the environment, I used shaders from the Toony Colors Pro 2 asset package on all the models and tweaked the colours. Rim light on the character's shaders were import to have to keep them clearly visible. After some additional lighting/fog/sky tweaks the following was achieved
Adding in further models from the previous packages as well as the Alien Planets Vol.2 package to further set the mood. I brought in the referee as well, giving it a similar material to the current characters, but reducing its texture and rim lighting values to avoid distracting from the tennis fighters.

Brief Intro:
The "FC" in the title are the initials for my name, Francesco Calvi (both vain and uncreative - off to a good start).
I'm a freelance 3D artist, having been the art, animation and effects guy for a FPS game called Desync (made in unity), and as of recent working on a very fun indie title called MMORPG Tycoon 2.
For this competition I'll be taking some slight inspiration from the winner of the Neon Challenge, in which I'll be creating a clip based in a game-like setting. The game genre will be a side-on fighting game - similar to Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Street Fighter, Skullgirls, etc. Mix those games with a bit of tennis, a semi-futuristic suburban background environment, a crowd of humanoid creatures/aliens and you've got the finished piece.
To keep scope small (as I'm entering this competition close to the deadline) this entry will be more of long still-shot, followed by a very short animated sequence, only consisting of a couple of animations/attacks along with some (hopefully) cool effects.
The reason for choosing this type of end result was due to wanting to achieve the following:
  • Utilising unity's new features (as requested by the competition)
  • Spend a little bit of time creating cool characters (I've been mainly only getting environmental/prop work recently)
  • Create some special effects
  • Creating something low scoped yet fun to watch

Below is my rough inspiration board. In it you see:
Animes - Kekkai Sensen and Space Dandy (both very good watches).
Video games - Skull girls, Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Fighter Z
Artists - Alexis Rives, Sixteen J, Jason Nguyen and Nurzhan Bekkaliyev

I started brainstorming this idea and sculpting the two tennis fighters a couple of days ago. I want to keep their designs relatively simple as I probably need to finish them off by tonight if I want any hope of completing this challenge on time.
Francesco Calvi
Freelance 3D Artist - Artist
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Maybe the net could be torn and you could apply a wind component to it for added effect!
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Cool! Maybe a cracked dirt surface like the old tennis courts rather than the new concrete ones?
Francesco Calvi
a year ago
Freelance 3D Artist
BrettLooking forward to seeing your progress! While the location be an actual tennis court? Post some ideas for us! :)
Thanks Brett! The location will be more in a street setting similar to the DBZ Fighter screenshot I have in the inspo board. There will be no tennis court boundary lines, but it will have a net in the middle - which I'm not 100% sure how I will tackle just yet since having the net in the middle might make it look like a simple straight line. I'm somewhat winging it and will further explore as I'm creating the environment and seeing which asset store models I'd like to utilise to speed up production
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Looking forward to seeing your progress! While the location be an actual tennis court? Post some ideas for us! :)