Temple of Herod VR Experience
Updated 10 months ago
In development
HTC Vive; Windows
Explore the temple of Herod with some tidbits from Ray Vander Laan.
This is a very simple VR experience where I had four weeks to create something inspired by Ray Vander Laan. I used multiple voice tracks to illustrate the historical and spiritual significance of the temple. Players can teleport from point to point and are encouraged to walk around to listen to RVL. I used a heat lamp, incense, and curtains to heighten the immersion. Models were purchased from TurboSquid or donated by students from Utah Valley University. I created the VFX, worked on the rendering, helped design the UI and UX, and directed the experience.
Stephen Larsen
VFX Artist - Artist
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
HTC Vive; Windows