GOD Inside A Tree
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GOD Inside A Tree
The machine opened the gate of Yggdrasil vault hoping to find the mythical 'God Inside A Tree'. Legend says He/It will grant immense knowledge to the chosen one, but that's not the entire story...
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We're team of 2 people, Bondhan ( and Rhangga ( arrangement is Bondhan responsible for the environment and overall art direction, Rhangga in charge of hero assets (Guardian and tree). None of us have extensive experience with Unity so we'll see how it goes!
Best of luck to everyone!
This is our latest update, probably the last, it's not really final but I need sleep. I will keep updating the scene after the submission. I've also done some update to scene and lighting while doing the asset store submission but didn't update the screenshots. Still to do - fly through video, particles, light map baking
Everything below is WIP and subject to changes
WIP #2.14 Still tweaking lighting, and adding a little bit more detail in the scene. Given up light map baking in this project, it just take too long to bake. I'm curious how does other found light map baking in Unity
WIP #2.13 Added decals and more props on corridor, I also started working on the big hall with the giant guardian as well and will show them later. I still have problem with plm so this is without light map baking.
WIP #2.12 more meshes and texture updates, also trying out some fog and other HDRP features

WIP #2.11 more texturing and lighting test in corridor
WIP #2.10 Slowly texturing some of the assets, start with corridor
WIP #2.9 Refined some meshes and tidying up platform in big hall

WIP #2.8 Bridge and door implementation WIP

WIP #2.7 Added better pillar shape, added pipe sets. also trying some colour. No textures yet

WIP #2.6 Worked a little bit more on the corridor. Ball on second image will be similar to the original concept on the contest briefing (with roots wrapping it) - at the moment it's just a placeholder :)

WIP #2.5 guardian update by Rhangga, unfortunately not much changed on the envi side due to GDC crunch on my side
WIP#2 Replacing more placeholder boxes with proper assets
WIP#1 Blockout
Latest and updated screenshots can be found here -
J. Hernandez Nice work
Thanks a lot mate!
J. Hernandez
4 months ago
Raider of the lowpolys and other planes.
Nice work
Maxwell JohnsonFrom one competitor to another, this is looking nice. I've been waiting to see how your textures would look, and so far from what you are now starting to post, this seems very promising! This is an exciting competition for all of us, and so far we all have our own nice and unique submissions in play. I like your idea, and its looks, so far. Keep up the good work! And best of luck to us all!
Thanks mate, i like your submission as well. Best of luck to us all indeed!