Tellurica is an immersive survival and horticultural role playing game that explores the structure of civilizations and what it means to be a life form. This is a single player 3D project in early development using Unity 5. I (Alex Michaud) have been working on this project by myself so far for about a year and it's finally at the point where it feels ready to move on towards a releasable version. Although I have been learning C# in Unity, I am a beginner programmer still. I'm looking for a programmer who is interested in making this game with me. Ideally I would like to put together a team of at least three people: myself, another C# programmer, and another 3D artist and animator. I am quite interested in becoming better at object oriented programming so I intend to continue to learn about and contribute to that part of the project when possibly. This is a hobby project with the main focus being to get players to think about things that they normally wouldn't think about and, of course, to provide an engaging experience. That said, if a multi-person team does form to create it I intend to work out a revenue sharing model that will be appealing to all involved in case the project is monetized in the future. As well as the content shown on this page, I have a lot of music written for the game but this doesn't seem like an appropriate place to put a link so if you're interested in working with me and wish to hear the soundtrack I can send that to you. I also have a lot written on a Game Design Document - which I will continue to write as the project finishes its prototyping stage (there is more prototyping that needs to be done with code for sure) and a Style Guide.
Alex Michaud