Teeny Tuca - Puzzle and Memory Game
Teeny Tuca – The Roosters’ Race – Puzzle and Memory Game for iPad gives us an advanced version of the games from the super story for kids “Teeny Tuca – The Racing Roosters. That was reviewed here too and has such valuable lessons! The colorful characters and the challenges will keep kids coming back for more. While they are playing they are enhancing concentration, logical thought, memory, shapes, and more! The puzzles all have three levels. I did the easy one to display. This should help parents decide what age level suits their kids. Different shapes are used as puzzle pieces! This app is presented to us by iTmSense. We highly recommend getting both apps as a fantastic package filled with hours of family fun. Both apps are in English and Portuguese.
Luiz Henrique Bueno
VR/AR/MR Researcher | Educator - Programmer