Tecno Dev - Alpha Footage
Published 2 years ago
In development
"Tecno dev" is the key name that I have put to one of my most advanced personal projects to date. It consists of an RPG video game that talks about "reality", the virtual world and how we relate to it.
[It is currently being developed in RPG Maker XP]
"The virtual world is also a reality" That is the final message that I want to get with this video game.
So, let me tell you a bit more about this game.
The year is 21xx and the world has grown technologically, but with it has brought the same problems that were carried in the twentieth century and in fact has made them worse.
The story goes about Speil, a young programmer who one day on the Internet learns of a popular challenge within a forum and decides to do so. The challenge is to reach a certain point of 4 different video games and thus prove that he is a true expert of games. What begins as a simple adventure will show Speil little by little how the users are related to the different virtual worlds that are presented, and with this, as each individual creates his own "reality" independently.
Currently it is in a phase of development VERY alpha, but I have finished almost all the Backstory (except for a few details, and those final changes that we all always do)
But, let me show you some Screenshots anyway.
Paulo Morales
Animator Student and pixelartist, Lyud - Artist
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Spanish; English
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