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Final Submission

Hi Dear Reader! Hope you are having a great time looking the challengers, My name is Heymar Hernandez, I'm a solo Game Generalist, I work as a Developer, Artist and Animator, almost all of my work its done in Unity Engine, so lets check together the mess I did this time.


The theme of this video its a bit dark, since I like the chaotic and Lovecraftian way of things, therefore I started to draw over a Pinterest mood board highlighting the interesting parts of some images until, from there I create the question of, what if humans and machines hate each other, but this hate its not created by any of them but by a third member some kind of god, an artificial intelligence that would love to see them fight to gather data, making mankind and his creations pawns in the curiosity game of a superior entity.


H.P Lovecraft Monsters, in special Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu, also the rhythm of the narrative Lovecraft uses and the characteristic ending with one quick look to the monster before madness was adapted.
Blade Runner, Akira, District 9, Matrix, Ghost in the Shell and many other great films have been influential too in my entire life not only on this project.

Making Of

Unfortunately, I realice about this challenge a bit too late, I also take a screenshot of the time I started, I saw wonderful challengers that make me doubt if take the challenge since I worked this project alone, at the end my thinking was that I had to work with no sleep and extra harder to keep it up with the challengers, I know that I will not win but I will do my best to share the experience, help and inspire (I hope) the new generation so they can use the awesome tools that unity provides along with the integration with other tools, at the end if I could finish this project in 1 day and a couple of hours you guys could change the world and that makes me a winner in my own challenge.
As I mention earlier, I did create a mood board, then I took the best pictures I could and try to correlate an story that match with the image references and with my perspective of what could be the video, the images also tweak a bit the original story.
As you can see in the last image, my native language its not English so I ask in advance patience.
Once the reference, the story, the concept and all the details where running wildly in my head I start looking for free assets in the Asset Store, since I have one day to create all the project and deliveries I was extra careful to not motivate myself into 3D modeling too much, I realice that I need buildings, high quality materials and everything that allow me to advance faster. The Assets from the Asset Store I use in this project were:
  • Adam Interior (cables, walls and corridor).
  • Adam Exterior (mountains and wall).
  • Cinemachine.
  • Post Processing Stack.
  • Standard Assets.
  • Recorder .
  • Destroyed City Free 1.0.
  • Free SFX Package.
Feel free to look them by the name on the Asset Store, this experience have made this assets become a must in my future projects. Two extra assets where used from outside the Asset Store, the character "White Clown" and "AJ" from
I also used some Music from the "Free Music for Commercial Use" YouTube channel the music is listed here:
  • Razor - Palisade
  • Sci Fi - Bensound
  • Eon - Ambient Sci Fi Music
Then I start composing the level it was hard since I have never create a city before, or at least not in this way. I decided to divide the city in 3 parts to catch the viewer, 1st the city destroyed, then the corridor where other bots were destroyed, then a person hitting a robot, in this last part I wanted to avoid the use of weapons, the image in the mood board make me believe that a real dystopian future would be as damage that forced people to become neanderthal again using their bodies to attack.
The first step was then create a destroyed city from the assets, this first step actually looks terrible in comparison with the final product but I believe that I could make it better by the addition of other elements.
Then we could add some lights to the structure. and create the room where all the core events happens. as you can see I use the Adam wall on the floor and some walls.
The main room uses a ton of tubes, some are from the Adam project others are build in maya, along the characters that uses the pipeline zbrush-maya-substance. the main characters are heads created and attached with the bodies of the Mixamo characters so I could animate them, for the "god and last robot the one with the red eyes", I thought that for the time I got I could not create all the tentacles, rig them and animate them, that process alone could take the 24 hours, so I did a little trick that the only game engine that could support it its unity.
I create a base mesh, similar to a humanoid form for the "red eyes god" then create extra geometry for the hands and use Mixamo to rig the character with one click, then take the fbx to fix the position of the hands and place the red eyes god into the unity scene. Here its how he look when it was in Mixamo, not scary at all.
Here is how it look on the scene after moving the hands and fingers into a weird scale, I believe its even more scary from the distance since its as big as a building. inside the room I placed the characters with the respective animation loops
Now that we have all the assets in place its time to use some Post Processing, usually new users tend to drag and drop items and then blame the engine because it doesn't look like expected the trick its simple, go to the unity learning and check out the rendering videos, that allow you to power up the engine so you can take advantage of all its capacities. here its how it look the last image with the post processing behavior on, just tweaking bloom, AO, Color Grading .... etc.
The last step was to use Cinemachine and Timeline, I have never use those tools before so I was scared to not learn quick, by the time I finish post processing It was 6 hours for the contest to finish and I still have to render and upload the videos, but it was actually fun, Timeline could be one of the best tools ever created, I sincerely recommend you to check the official video tutorials it take you 30 minutes to keep update.
In my time line I used 3 principal controls the hitting animation loop, the "red eye god" loop and a dot that moves around the space, then the cinemachine follows that dot to create the smooth animation in the camera and add the feeling of small noise. this is my way of doing it, but I find fascinating ways of working with it that I want to keep exploring and experimenting with, since I have a long shot with no cuts my time line looks really simple but effective. how awesome its that.
My computer its an old laptop with an Nvidia 640M/ 8 RAM/ Core i5, so the final quality was incredible, I'm still amazed with the result, imagine the posibilites and compare this results made by one person alone with the decade before, the evolution of this game engine its clear, it doesn't required an epic team of artist and developers because the unity engineers have make all the hard work for us giving us free space to let our imagination run wild.


With a low budged laptop and a day of work, unity represent an amazing tool and advantage to create prototypes, cinematics, short films, movies and video games with the best quality in the lowest time.
This challenge made me understand Unity have demonstrated that their improvement its limitless and the future of gaming will be on their hands one step at a time starting a long time ago. the final cost of the project was 0 USD in assets, since I use free assets from the asset store and 35 hours of work. really cheap.

Finally I will go to sleep

I hope you guys have a good time reading this as much as I did working on the project and sharing my humble experience, please If I could be of any help don't hesitate to ask, we developers and artist must help each other as much as we can so we could grow strong together and change the world if we are crazy enough, 100 billion of stars are waiting for you to push forward.

Heymar Jhoan Hernandez Poveda
GameDeveloper / 3D Generalist - Other
GameDeveloper / 3D Generalist - Other
Abhinav a.k.a DemkeysThis is a very interesting art piece!
thank you :D yours are awesome too.
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This is a very interesting art piece!