TEC-GDL mission [Final]
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Unity Neon Challenge - Final


Hi dear Unity community, I'm a teacher in Mexico, Digital Art license, and I chose some students (7) to create the 3d content of our project. I was in charge of the "Unity side" + the trailer with cinemachine.
After a hard and exhausting semester for everybody, it was even more difficult to find the resources and time during our vacations ! In addition, classes have restarted monday 8th :) But we used our short free time to reach a correct rendering + a "mature trailer" in a week ! It misses details and life + missing Post-Effects I wanted to add, but it was a pleasure and we want to thank you Unity for this contest with their amazing free game engine !

Final Submission

Quick post motern I quickly created my team in december and exposed my pitch. Our team was composed of 7 students and I. One student was dedicated to only work animations (Kyle animations). For the rest, they split their tasks according to the Desert or Japanese scene. The 6 remaining students worked with Maya & Substance.
I was in charge of the Art Direction + Unity side. Building the scene and doing the trailer with cinemachine. The big drawback of our schedule was that we all just finished a tiring semester and vacations arrived soon. I went back in my hometown in France, so facebook was our main tool to communicate and follow our progress. At the beginning of January a new semester restarted and we worked when we could the evenings. This trailer represents around 60% of the quality desired but we are globally glad of what we have produced according to these drawbacks. I will continue to improve it, especially the japanese city where the time was to short to add life.


Last day to polish the details. Here are some screenshots of our three scenes.
And this dark kyle will order TEC-GLD (the "hero") to kill a human if he wants to live in the "Japanese heaven city".
Desert scene: Unity Terrain + Mountains & Rocks from the Viking Demo.
Four sides pyramids to form the Unity logo !
And this logo will create an intense light...

To teleport them in our Japanese scene...
A japan world where the robots could enjoy a perfect life.

Finally one of my student worked on the soundtrack with Logic Pro X.


A quick relooking of Kyle. By default the package contains a diffuse and normal map. We wanted a "PBR look", so here is:
We are still imported the last meshes with textures. Then a big pass of GI, post-effects and lighting adjustements will be done before I start the cinematics with Timeline + cinemachine. We already have the storyborard, it´s a good start :p


The textures and models with uvs arrive and are imported in our scene. Our drone is done too.
In order to fill the city, we don't only have big skyscrapers, but small houses, combined to form blocks. As the remaining time is really short, one of my students created this simple block without uvs.
The solution was to do a triplanar shader (PBR). Combined with Post-Effects + GI + Volumetric light, the result is satisfactory ;)

For the desert scene, first test of the GI. Textures imported. Meshes only created with Maya, not enough time for the z-brush pass...

Finally, hologram rendering for Kyle and the drone


In the japanese city, I created an "asphalt with puddles" material in Substance Designer.
The last part of the cinematic in the desert is a strong glare, which progressively appears after the formation of the Unity logo, with the pyramids of the courtyard demo.


As a team we thought about to the following pitch: [Black screen with subtitles]
"My name is TEC-GDL…
I walk since many days... without really understanding why… My electronic system is “troubled”. I don’t have the full possession of my body & I have the feeling to be guided towards an unknown direction. To reach a destination whose I know anything about it.
I feel I’m close to reach it…"
A student started modeling one of the artwork of Georgi Simeonov + we use the courtyard temple from an Unity demo.

Once TEC-GDL arrives close to the tower, a drone will pop-up, scan him and order him to walk up to the entrance of the temple.

"TEC-GDL contemplates the temple (courtyard) and floating pyramids start to move and a really strong glare fullfill the scene...
They are now teleported to a japanese futuristic scene where TEC-GDL can admire a dream life. They are in a hologram rendering, so not physically present in the scene."
We use this artwork as our main reference:

But to access to this life & environment, they are now - again -teleported to a white empty space... (ref: Stranger Things)

The drone becomes threatening and asks TEC-GDL to kill a human if he wants to access to this dream life. [pitch end]

Main references: Blade Runner - Stranger things - Ghost in the shell - Courtyard desert demo.


Free package
Unity demo Courtyard Unity Vikings demo (we only used the Rocks) Kyle Robot Unity Particle Assets Cinemachine Post-Processing stack v1 Unity fog scattering (from Blacksmith) Block city building from the Unity Fog scattering demo
Package bought Sci-Fi Hologram Shader


Unity 2017.3.0f3 Maya 2017 Substance Painter & Designer Logic Pro X (audio)

Kevin Faure
Graphics & Gameplay Programmer - Educator