Tavern Tension
Tavern Tension was a game I worked on for a 24Hour Challenge where I challenged myself to produce both Audio, Art and Code in order to have a functional interactive experience that fit into the brief of three words. These three words were: Jungle, Spirit and Friction. I must emphasize that this game is not politically correct, neither it’s design or real world references are accurate, it is meant as a solution to a challenge and is not intended to generalise or discriminate against anything present, fact or fictional These words were utilised in the following ways: Jungle: The setting of this game was in the jungles somewhere in Africa where multiple different tribes were present. Spirit: This is implemented with the use of whiskey and bourbon in the tavern. The ‘Spirits’ are sold to different members of the two tribes. Friction: Friction is referenced with the use of ‘Tension’. Two tribes are fighting over territory where you operate a tavern. It is your job to make sure you remain neutral to both tribes as you serve them and must not discriminate against any one tribe. This game can be found on my website at:
Lachlan Young
C# Developer