Tanks Game in 2002
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Tanks game made for PC
Hey guys, I wanted to share my project screenshot from the old dusty shelves of the library that I made years ago in DirectX 7.0.
It was my first project in PC with C++ language, and I used A* Pathfinding, multiple inheritance and made some built-in editor that you can build the terrain, also made a test mode so that you see black and gray boxes are the path that the tanks calculate as the shortest path to the goal, and they can move simultaneously, and the terrain is moveable with mouse also there were a stage I was developing the building process of the facilities like in Dune 2000 It was my dream to make a game and still is.
I posted this here, and now learning Unity I found this a very creative way of making a game when I remember how hard was to assemble a project with no built-in editor and such, I am open to colleagues for ideas about making games together and graphics-designers that are willing to work on a serious game project, please feel free to send me a message.
Barbaros Tombaz
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