Tank VR
Published 3 years ago
In development
HTC Vive
A Co-Op Virtual Reality Tank Experience
Tank VR is a student Senior Project that has been in development since the begging of the Fall 2017 Term at Utah Valley University. This project will continue until the end of the Spring 2018 Term.
We(David Marshall and Myself) focused on the game play first, as such in it's current state there aren't a lot of finalized visual assets, however the game is playable and has a variety of features with a few more to come in the spring.

Main Features : Co-Op Multiplayer, Driving around a small City in VR while inside of a tank. Load ammo and shoot the tank turret.
Features in Development: Destructible environmental objects like buildings, signs, streetlights, enemy tanks, boss fights branching narrative experience, scripted cut-scenes. co-op teamwork moments, and more.
Wishlist: There have been talks about a prototype "rumblestage" to react to sounds, explosions, etc. It hasn't been created or tested yet but may be in the works for Spring.
Visuals in Development: 3D-model overhaul, Stylized textures for a fun game-like feel.
We've had a few industry people do some early beta-testing, and have had some good feedback from those who have experienced it in it's current state.
VR Technical Artist - Other
David Marshall
Technical Artist - Student
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HTC Vive