Tank Helicopter Urban Warfare
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Android; iOS

The world is under attack, we are at state of war & We have to shoot down every single apache helicopter without missing a panzer tank fire. There’s been a dangerous assault mission between the army and the terrorists, battle tank vs apache helicopter, terrorists who have taken over or captured the army apache helicopter at desert basecamp. Now they are moving towards urban city and you have to fight against them. Its high time you have to take control of elite anti-terrorist battle tanks, as you unleash a devastating attack on gunship air battle helicopter, as the killer terrorists have pillaged the suburban city and taken over the area. Without any army truck and armour backup support, you have to be the front line worrier leading the tank vs helicopter battle. The shooting missions and massacre continues until you win the war against terror.

Your massive war tank in battlefield is equipped with all the necessary weapons, steamy explosives & cannon to take down all enemy gunship helicopter machines firing on your modern tanks. Your specialized military skills will be tested to the limit by the task mission given to you as they are clearly out numbered by your panzer tank force. Let’s see how you can deal with a battle tank vs air battle helicopter combat missions!

The panzer tanks are the best and advanced machines around, and equipped with devastating turrets and tracking missiles. You will have to showcase your immense skills and impeccable accuracy to take out this massive army as you progress further into the area, where you will have to face even more formidable opponents. Aim & shoot the terrorist gunship helicopters to destroy the undercover terrorist groups. Avoid cross firing, it may hurt you. You have to run tanks simulator and then Shoot the Apache Gunship Helicopters. The enemy helicopter flying army also has artillery of high-tech professional rocket launchers along with human commando to operate them.

Enjoy the 3D battle world of army tank & helicopter war games with battle tank, army gunship helicopter simulator and never ending tank simulator in action. Apache Helicopter, Army battle tanks are a source of great inspiration for those who are fond of action games.

Tank vs Helicopter Urban Warfare 3D Game Features
- Customized aim focus with greater scope
- Higher potential urban destructive tank machine
- Ground to air strike physical machine war
- Smooth toggle screen touch controls
- Intense slug shooter urban battlefield arena
- Jam packed 4 intense shooting missions

Unity Certified Developer & Owner AliasSmart - Owner
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Supported Platforms
Android; iOS