Tales of the Open Sky
Updated 2 years ago
In development
1.1 K
PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation VR; HTC Vive
Tales Of The Open Sky gameplay is story-driven exploration in a magical open world. Understanding and navigating the environment will become a key skill as the world is inhabited by a diverse magical fauna.
Advanced magical abilities and interaction with huge semi-sentient creatures is one of the games key selling points, and the player will be able to explore new regions and game mechanics as they learn new abilities and advance through the plot.
Though the game is in the early stage of development, we are aiming at features like:
  • Free-to-explore open world with a number of locations, each with unique art and gameplay features;
  • High diversity of gameplay: whatever path the player choses to take, the world will respond and react to his decisions;
  • Ability to change the flow of entire world by moving floating islands from one place to another;
  • Wide variety of magical spells used for either combat, exploration or puzzle solving;
  • Strong narrative which connects entire world in one big story.
Technical demo trailer is also presented on our website:
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PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation VR; HTC Vive
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