Tales from the Southern Rim : The Grog
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Mac; Windows; Linux
Tales From the Southern Rim: The Grog is fast-paced, exploration-focused pirate hack-and-slash. Grab your sabers, eye patches and parrots, and set sail on an epic journey through the dangerous seas of the Southern Rim - a place filled to the brim with pirate scalawags, savage beasts and undead sailors, who just simply cannot rest in the Davy Jones’ Locker.

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The game is in early stage of producion and most of the assets shown on screenshots and in presentations are subjects to change. Some of this assets are temporary.
Stay tuned for more development updates.
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Tales From the Southern Rim: The Grog is fast-paced, exploration-focused pirate hack-and-slash. Grab your sabres, eyepatches and parrots, and set sail on an epic journey through the dangerous seas of the Southern Rim - a place filled to the brim with pirate scallywags, savage beasts and undead sailors, who just simply cannot rest in the Davy Jones’ Locker.
FIGHT WITH STEEL, GUNPOWDER AND MAGIC: Become a fearsome duelist, skilled gunslinger, a warrior who utilizes tribal weapons or user of devastating ancient magic. Develop your character in one of the many ways that suits your playstyle the most.
CONQUER THE SEAS: Fight on the dangerous waters of the Southern Rim with your trusty crew of the ship Surgehunter. Raid coastal villages, attack other ships and become the most feared captain in the region.
EXPLORE THE WORLD BEYOND: Discover ancient relics and places from the past, using your Eye of Death. Learn more about the past of the Southern Rim, explore the Phantom World and interact with the buildings.
A pirate harbor of Puerto Corsario is at its decline, and the Freewater Guild, a syndicate which once was dominating entirety of the Southern Rim, has lost most of its outposts and fleet. Soon, corsairs and marauders from the entire sector will gather at Guild’s former capital and fight over the title of the Pirate King, who will lead others into the future.
While Freewater Guild sinks into a civil war, another force wants to seize control over the seas - a Royal Navy, lead by menacing Pirate Hunters seeks to assert their dominance in the harbors and people of the Southern Rim, disregarding and eliminating anyone who would resist the will of the King. English fleets are dispatched amongst the islands, seeking to eliminate locals and pirates alike and to retrieve ancient artifacts, which possess immense power.
However, both factions seem to be unaware of another threat, lurking deep beneath the ocean - an old and sinister enemy from the past long forgotten appears once again, to exact her revenge upon the realm of the living. To achieve this, the ominous Sea Witch leads an army of undead sailors, who lost their lives in these treacherous waters. The rumors of disappearances of entire crews begun to be more than a legend whispered in the taverns and started to plant seeds of fear in the hearts of both pirates and Royal soldiers. With the chaos ensuing within the region, the future of the Southern Rim remains uncertain.
Player takes control over Abe Melendez - a young pirate, who desires to rescue his family from the clutches of evil Baron Hernandez. To achieve that, he decided to become a corsair and started raiding many ships and coastal villages to gather riches, needed to buy out his siblings.
In game, Abe is a trained duelist, who is able to fight in many different ways. Player can choose if he wants to be a classic swordsman, utilizing sabres and melee combat, a fearsome gunslinger, who can outgun his foes or a mixture of both. Additionally, Abe can fight with tribal weapons, such as macuahuitls, slingshots or atl-atls. But it does not end here - should this be of player’s choosing, he can become an arcane warrior, which fights using ancient magic weapons and artifacts.
The Eye of Death is Abe’s heirloom amulet. It allows him to interact with legendary Phantom World, from which he can draw arcane powers to cast spells or reveal secrets forgotten by the history. Aside of being able to freely traverse and explore the land of the dead, he can utilize it’s powers to invoke powerful skills, such as energy blasts, healing spirits or pulse, which reveals objects and ghosts hidden from the plain sight to name a few.
Southern Rim is a place of a conflict between many distinct forces, which seek to gain as much influence and power within the region as possible. Here are the few examples of more prominent factions:
The Freewater Guild: Once the greatest pirate empire of the Carribeans, the Freewater Guild was treated with a mixture of respect and fear. It used to control majority of harbors and coastal villages and essentially functioned as a federationalized nation. However, since the devastating attack of the Royal Fleet at the Puerto Corsario, it began to slowly loosen its grip on their outposts and started to lose its former influence. Nowadays, captains of many different crews of the Freewater Guild seek to claim the title of the Pirate King, who would unite and lead the broken syndicate into a new era of corsair domination.
The Royal Navy: Perfectly trained, suitably equipped and immensely deadly, English soldiers are the most powerful and numerous military force within the Southern Rim. They are responsible for almost all of the trading which takes place in the region and regularly dispatch their fearsome Pirate Hunters to take out remaining members of the Freewater Guild. With their goal being expansion upon new lands, they remain in a stalemate with ancient civilization of Auxilco tribe, which successfully repelled colonizers with usage of arcane technology and magic.
The Auxilco Tribe: A faction that existed before Southern Rim was named that way, Auxilco Tribe is the oldest nation within the region. Long time ago, they have managed to discover a powerful substance, known commonly as the Magical Grog. This liquid allowed them to explore and study the Phantom World, which eventually led to the development of magic arts. At one point in time, the Auxilco controlled entirety of the Southern Rim, but nowadays they are hidden within cities of their native island, fighting against the English intruders. They have proven to be extremely dangerous, due to them being experts in usage of arcane arts and magical devices.
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