Tail Gait
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A 2D Endless Runner that follows the story of a cat goddess that leaps through the fabric of time and space in search of her followers.

Project Description


Tail Gait - It is a casual and exploration-based mobile endless-runner that focuses on a compelling artistic and atmospheric experience where a cat goddess is on an eternal journey to find her followers through the strands of time.

Pillars of Design

The game uses three pillars to establish itself: Casual, Exploration, Artistic.
Casual meaning the mechanics will have a simple control scheme and are typically distinguished by simple rules and by reduced demands on time and learned skill, in contrast to more complex hardcore games.
Exploration is a pillar that aims to satisfy the player who is curious of things and wants to learn more about the world: the joy of discovery. However, the game uses a novel way to use this human drive to know.
Using time manipulation as a way to explore through different worlds and eras.
Artistic is a pillar that aims to have a focus on the world of the game with the character and the mechanics working to push the project as a piece of art that is intended to be enjoyed visually and aurally. It is creating a distinctive mood, typically of mystery, or nostalgia.

Unique Selling Point

Time Leap - The mechanic that allows the cat to reset her surrounding by leaping through time. This resets the multiplier in exchange for reducing difficulty of the running gameplay to further extend play time.

General Features

  • Classic Endless Runner Fun with a Twist
  • Time Leap to alter the experience.
  • A beautiful four-legged cat goddess (with human version promotional art)
  • Three Distinct Worlds: Ancient Egyptian Era, Victorian Era, and Modern Era.
  • 60+ Collectibles and Artifacts littered throughout the levels.

Unity 2D Tools Used

2D Animation
2D Kinematics
Final Animations

The Team Behind Tail Gait

We are a team under the studio of red trident games that wanted to participate in the 2D Unity challenge and wanted to show our strengths. Official Team:
Janyl Lambee Tanoy Producer, Generalist, Connections JM Barino Director, Programmer, Quality Assurance Josh Ferrer VFX Artist, Animator, UI/UX Designer Christian Dave Yap Art Director, Concept Artist, Environment & Character Artist Contributors: Aldous Clark Ecija Composer, Commissioned

Asset Production (Scene Conceptualization and Production Process)


VFX - Time Leap Indicator

VFX - Initial Time Leap Concepts

Initial Prototype

Level Design

The levels are designed within the unity editor via a modular method of placing them.

Narrative (World and Character)

Long ago, in a land filled with sand, stretching till the end of the horizon. There a goddess watched over her people, blessing them with her timeless presence and uncompromising beauty. In return, they worshiped her and gave her the attention she needed to keep her time powers. However, one day. She lost all of that and now she is on an eternal journey to find a way to bring it all back. Even if she has to traverse the sands of time.

Fun Facts

  • There are no other characters or enemies placed in the entirety of the game to emphasize the sense of loneliness and attention-seeking of the goddess.
  • The Animator had to ask help from the art director and game designer for help then ended up watching a lot of videos of a cheetah and cats running. Studying the anatomy of cats came into the picture.
  • There was a miscommunication between the game designer and artist for the main currency: Catnip. Initially, it was planned to look like a generic golden coin but the artist ended up drawing the plant version of the catnip.
Janyl Lambee L. Tanoy
Manager - Producer
JM Barino
Game Developer - Programmer
Josh Ferrer
Joe-Kun - Artist
Christian Dave Yap
Concept Artist - Artist