Tactical Battle Simulator
Tactical Battle Simulator is a battle simulator with 40 unique units to choose from! You can watch your units fight in 1st and 3rd Person view!!! All 40 units have different strengths and weaknesses. Choose your army wisely and slay your enemies in epic battles! Some units have special abilities, like knocking enemies back or exploding shots! If you like to create your own strategies and like battle simulators, then you will love Tactical Battle Simulator. Our insperation comes from Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), but Tactical Battle Simulator focuses more on creating your own strategy. Level-mode: Earn gold to unlock new units and upgrade them. The levels will get harder and harder as you progress. Sandbox-mode: You are in control of both armies! Setup huge battles and find out new strategies.
Miguel Torres
Game Developer - Programmer
silas friedrich
Game Designer - Designer
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