Taco Truck Madness
2D Taco Truck phone game
Your chance to drive a taco truck and show everyone how great it would be to have a taco truck on every corner. Protect your truck from road hazards and feed those who would try and stop you. Once they have tasted your tacos, they will let you pass. You even get a quesadilla launcher to protect you from attacks from the air.
Your trucks come equipped with modified lowrider hydraulics which you can use to jump over hazards as well. Banditos, sheriffs, police, sloppy joe hurling lunch ladies and even illegal aliens (as in from another planet) stand in your way. You'll need to prove to them all that your taco truck food is the best.
A combination of arcade action and puzzles and nacho bombs and so much more.
  • Drive through 30 cities across America leaving taco trucks on every corner.
  • Collect boxes of ingredients for more food you can sell when you get to your corner.
  • Make people happy by giving them food from your food truck.
  • Pick your lane and decide when it's better to jump over an obstacle and when it's better to go around.
  • Earn angels that save you when you would otherwise lose your truck.
  • Use nacho bombs to wipe out all the bad stuff on a screen.
  • Battle it out with super boss trucks that will require you drag your truck to save it.
  • Achievements to earn while playing the game.
  • A leaderboard with local, weekly, monthly and all-time hi scores.
  • 11 different songs to put you in the mood.
A great non-violent casual game that is full of laughs and fun. And cows do eat tacos. Who knew?
John C. Ardussi
Game Programmer - Owner