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"Made within short time-frame [48-hours] Synthanuel the Synth..."

Day1: [Moodboard/Concept]:

Day 2: [Concept]:

I perform a concept by looking at a "World Making" perspective: Layouts, Zoning, Areas.. Therefore for this project I have manage to leverage my In-house tool that had served multi-purpose: for High Density Greebles & Finding a Balance between Organic and PolyLogic.. Instead of "Standard" City of Darkness or Doom & Gloom or Blue & Orange the best remedy is to combine them all and see what happens...

[Tool][Landscraper v.1.0]: (My In-House Tool)

This tool creates variable density textures, masks, and patterns (There are many potential applications for this: Greebler, Mapping, Coloring Book or Resource Inspiration for Pixel/Voxel Artists:

[Tool][MagicaVoxel]: (Landscraper -> MagicaVoxel)

After exporting a number of interesting compositions, I import into MagicaVoxel and begin with mapping out areas and create cityscapes and interesting dwellings with thanks to its patterns..

[Progress]: City_Ba [Magica Voxel -> Blender3D]

I import my meshes (.obj) into Blender3D, It's time to clean up meshes and experiment with different topology strategies.. (see the next video demonstrating multiple topographic approach) [Traditional (Tris), Remeshed (High-Dense Quads), 7-Side Technique [Multi-Dim. Planar Projection: Top, Down, Front, Back, Left, Right, Angular]

Unity Asset store Used:

  • Cinemachine:!/content/79898
  • Ethans Graphics Kit (For SkyRenderer): |
  • Post Processing Stack v2:
  • Keijiro's VJ05 Project (Dance motion capture animations, Reappropriate Reaktor for Visualist Mapping & Events Triggering):
  • VolumetricFog:

Tool Pipeline:

  • Blender3D 2.78 (Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, Texturing, Greasepencil [storyboarding, annotations])
  • Landscraper 1.0 (My In-house tool: Mapping, Texturing, Pattern)
  • MagicaVoxel (From Landscraper -> MagicaVoxel [2D -> 3D Voxels]
  • MakeHuman (for additional human model subjects)
  • Shadermap4 (useful alternative to Substance Bitmap2Material)
  • ICE (From Microsoft Research: Image Composite Editor; for those nice Moodboard compilations)
  • Substance Painter (For MeetMat Asset & Texuring alternative scheme of the City Unit)
  • PixaFlux (Alternative to Substance Designer); additional textures/patterns..
  • StreetView Download 360 (an attempt for acquiring 360 references for skybox, matte painting but than went with route on shaders, procedural path..)

Oskar Pruski
Artist, 3D Generalist, Music - Artist