Sycho Squirrel 2D Platformer
2D action-and adventure following retro pixel art characters through a fanciful world of acorns and wizards. It's time to go nuts with Sycho the Squirrel!
Sycho Squirrel is available for play and download: How to Play Sycho Squirrel: Move: WASD or Up, Down, Left & Right Arrow Keys Attack: Left Alt or K Jump: Space or J Story: Deep in the forest, on a planet far from Earth, lives a race of creatures that resemble something between squirrels and humans. The squman race lived in a land most would consider paradise. They enjoyed bountiful nuts and fruits and spent their days making merry in their treetop homes. At the center of their community was a magical acorn that sustained them. This acorn caused things to grow strong and healthy and for the squmans to live very long lives. However, below the surface of the squman world lived a wizard who longed for the power of the acorn. He enlisted the help of cave dwelling creatures and the underground races, promising them riches and dominion over the squmans. The wizard, along with his army, marched into the squman city one night and robbed the unsuspecting tree-dwellers of their sacred relic. The wizard used the power to turn many of the squmans into trees, stones and insects in order to prevent their retaliation. However, one squman named Sycho was impervious to the wizard’s spell. This heroic squman sets out to conquer the wizard and return the magical acorn to his people.
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