Swords And Crowns
Player can play the game in five different avatars named Tanaya, Tadashi, Qadira, Zaire and Aziath. Each character will have a unique special power and can be used by activating that respective avatar. Battles can be fought in different modes with friends or online player or even with online mobs. Story: The 5 neighbouring kingdoms MEGARIS, ARGOS, SIKYON, PYLOS and ELIS are being ruled by equally dominant warrior kings and queens. Each one has got their own strengths and weaknesses. But it has been long time there is always a breeze of menace being prevailed among them. Short and quick wars are always happening and there were always loss of poor soldiers being killed to save the pride of the mother land. Finally all the five have decided to get on to head one on one to end this and be the saviour of their holy lands. PlayStore Link :
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