Sword & Fortune
Updated 6 months ago
In development
Pixel art platformer with greedy old barbarian, plenty of creatures and treasures of gold!


When villagers asked old greedy barbarian for help, he was not interested. Why should he bother himself with some missing people? What? Monsters? Monsters also need to live somewhere, right? And eat something, right?
But when leader of villagers started to speak about rumors full of gold, hidden treasures and valuables of unthinkable value, accumulated by monsters in swamp, he started to think about growing prices of rum... How many bottles of his favorite drink he could buy for bag of gold? Or better for chest of golden jewelry?
Finally, he agreed to investigate swamp, but only on condition, he keeps all gold he finds.

Work in progress

Currently, we are working on environment and individual creatures. We are presenting them in videos above.
Tomas Rychnovsky
Developer - Programmer