Sword & Fortune
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Sword & Fortune - pixel art platformer

Final demo

Here is final demo for our entry:


2018-12-15: lost of thing added - hero has now two different attacks. Added sprite particles. Created big test level and final demo - see video above 2018-12-12: added moving platforms and secret rooms. Added new enemy - skeleton (see new images in Graphics section):
2018-12-11: added pooling system and missiles system. Missile system consists of missile, shot and gun. Any gun can have any number of shots and shot can spawn any type of missile from spells and bullets to gravity affected bombs. Here is short demo:
2018-12-09: added background and foreground foliage (tiles), like grass or bushes (see new images in Graphics section) 2018-12-08: added breakable items to destroy (see new images in Graphics section), chests packed with coins, new small silver coin 2018-12-05: added coins, another enemy, hostages to save (see new images in Graphics section) 2018-12-02: hero movement added. One-way platforms. Blinking sprite on missile or enemy hit with shader (for tutorial see Development tools section) 2018-11-30: setting up our Unity 2D challenge submission page. One working enemy in game (slime). Work on hero in progress.


When villagers asked old greedy barbarian for help, he was not interested. Why should he bother himself with some missing people? What? Monsters? Monsters also need to live somewhere, right? And eat something, right? But when leader of villagers started to speak about rumors full of gold, hidden treasures and valuables of unthinkable value, accumulated by monsters in swamp, he started to think about growing prices of rum... How many bottles of his favorite drink he could buy for bag of gold? Or better for chest of golden jewelry? Finally, he agreed to investigate swamp, but only on condition, he keeps all gold what he finds.


Currently two people are working on game: - Tomas Rychnovsky - code, - Tomas Kopecky - graphics (see his portfolio at


Old barbarian in Sword & Fortune is travelling through platform levels and fighting enemies. He finds gold in treasure chests or by breaking items spread over level. Rescuing villagers brings another gold bonus. Game has simple controls: walk, jump, attack as it is primarily targeting mobile platforms.


Game environment is currently set to murky swamp. For illusion of depth we use well known parallax scrolling technique ( see development tools section for detail on our simple parallax layers tool) with background and foreground layers. Main tile layer is composed from several tilemaps for backgroung, foreground, main level outline and oneway platforms.
Barbarian - main hero of our game is old greedy barbarian. Here are some of his animations:
Enemies - monsters living in swamp. Ugly creatures, some of them were people long, long time ago!

Hostages - chicks to save!
Breakable items:
Foliage - for background and foreground:

Development tools

Unity tools - 2D pixel perfect, 2D Tilemaps Other key tools - Pro Camera 2D Music and Sound - for now, music is taken from Ultimate Game Music Collection and most of the sounds is based on effects from Universal Sound FX asset.
Paralax scrolling tool
Beside tools mentioned above, we use our own tool for easy setup of parallax scrolling. We do not have to set any scrolling speed parameters, we just draw layer, mark it with rectangle in scene view and add to layer manager. You can see it in action here:
Blinking sprite on hit with shader
We wanted to make sprite blink in solid color when hit by missile or enemy. Problem was how to pass this information into sprite shader. In the end we used part of tint alpha range for it, remapping rest of the range back to 0 - 1 alpha.
Here is video tutorial on how to write sprite shader with this feature:
Tomas Rychnovsky
Developer - Programmer
Tomas Rychnovsky
2 years ago
@David Thanks for support!
2 years ago
Looks great my friend :)
Tomas Rychnovsky
2 years ago
Oleksii StepanovLooks great, good luck!
Thanks! We definitely improved our Unity skills when working on it :-)
Oleksii Stepanov
2 years ago
Freelance Unity Developer and Designer
Looks great, good luck!
Tomas Kopecky
2 years ago
Thanks, guys, we will keep pushing!