Sword Flow
Published a year ago
In development
Game where player has to complete levels by finding right combination of attacks, dodges and other actions to eliminate all enemies and get to the end of level safely
Player can kill enemies with sword, hide behind them to avoid their attacks, slide to avoid obstacles and do horizontal wall runs. His task is to combine those actions to kill all enemies and get to the end of level. When enemies spot the player, they pull out weapon, aim and shoot at him. Aiming is indicated by change of their color from black to white.
I came up with idea for this game after I managed to set up small motion capture studio and wanted to use it to create a game. It had to be game with simple gameplay, animations which I could create using mocap and very simple 3d models, because I wanted to be able to do it all by myself.
Currently there is only one level created to demonstrate how gameplay looks. It's quite dark because using only black and white was the best way to create a decent looking level with no textures and very few models. Maybe in the future I'll find someone who could help me design and create other levels while I would work on improving gameplay and animations, but currently I'm too busy to invest more time in this project.
You can download curent build here.
Kacper Dudziak
Game Languages
English; Polish
Supported Platforms