Sweety Munchers 2
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WebGL; Android
Sweety Munchers 2 is a completely unique puzzle matching game with added layers of difficulty to appeal to both casual and skilled players.
OBJECTIVE Earn as many points by feeding candy to Munchers before the clock expires.
1. Release Candy with the Candy Release button. 2. Give that Candy to a Muncher. 3. Drag that Candy over to a Muncher of the same type.
SCORING Every successful feed is scored by the speed and quality. Feeds are categorised in to the following:
1. Bad Feed – Different Muncher types. 2. Good Feed - Same Muncher types. Color of Muncher eating Candy and the Candy are mis-matching. 3. Perfect Feed – Same Muncher types. Color of Muncher eating Candy and the Candy are matching.
The quicker a Muncher is fed after arriving the higher the points awarded.
Multipliers are applied to the base score. There are two types of multiplier:
1. Stages 2. Combos
Stages As stages increase the base multipliers applied to scores and penalties also increases. New Stages are reached by hitting a set score.
Combos The combo counter is increased by 1 for every perfect feed. If the combo timer elapses, the combo falls by 1. Any feed or muncher leaving resets the combo timer.
Sweety Hoover is a method that increases the combo by 10 if successfully executed: Release all available food and perform a perfect feeding with each candy. Rewards +10 Combo.
SPECIAL CANDY Special Candies are rarer candies that have special abilities when used successfully.
Rainbow Love Represents every color and so will result in a perfect feed as long as the muncher types match.
Freezer Time Freezes all timers until a feed is made or the freezer time expires. A perfect feed grants more freeze time.
Multipliers Boost Adds another multiplier to the score of a successful feed. There are x2 and x3 multipliers.
DIFFICULTY Overall difficulty increases as later stages are achieved.
New Munchers New Muncher types come in to play making it increasingly difficult to make matches.
Sleeping Munchers Munchers can become fatigued and fall asleep. They have to be woken with a simple tap before they can be interacted with.
Muncher Patience Muncher's only have so much patience before they leave and incur a penalty. As the difficulty increase so does their lack of patience.
SWAP Swap allows you to switch out all current Munchers with a new set. Swap is replenished over time or in the event when there are no swaps are available and a new stage is reached.
MEDALS Medals are rewarded for reaching set targets in a variety of different categories.
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Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
WebGL; Android