Sweet Runaway
Published 5 days ago
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Local 2-player co-op platform and action adventure! Run against time to save the Sweet Kingdom from its destruction!
Sweet Runaway is a cooperative adventure game that invites players to guide Icy and Pocky through a series of obstacles and challenges.
Pocky and Icy liberate the Sweet Spirit from the King's Castle, which was protected by the Guardian Golem, to release the peace in the sweet kingdom. In addition, the events are pursued by the king's royal guard and other mercenaries, in addition to the great Guardian Golem who pursues throughout the time.
This game was produced by a group of students in the course of development of Digital Games, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, located in Brazil. We hope you like it! Please do not forget to comment and give feedback!

Marcelo Chaves
Game and iOS Developer - Programmer
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