Use the Oculus Rift to hop your way to parenthood, but beware the murky depths, flies and frogs aren't the only things in this VR swamp adventure
SwampHatch is a virtual reality game where you, a tiny frog, must hunt down and catch flies while simultaneously being hunted by a giant alligator. Grow to your largest size and get to the reed bed to lay your eggs before the alligator catches up! But make sure you've stretched before playing because you're in for a serious workout. Using Blender and Photoshop, we modeled, painted, and animated our game assets. We used Illustrator to create our UI elements and title graphics. We used Unity 5.5, Visual Studio, and C# for game play. Using location data from the Oculus Touch controllers, we calculate the angular velocity of the player's jump motions. This velocity is then used to propel the player. If players don't commit to swinging their arms around like they mean it, they will lose. The same goes for the swimming mechanic. The alligator's AI allows it to swim and attack the frog whenever the player is swimming in the water. Whenever the player is safely on a log or lillypad, the alligator will return to one of four randomly selected bases. In order to pass this level of the game, the player must collect at least ten flies that are flying around the swamp. You target the flies using gaze tracking. If you are bitten by the alligator, your health goes down, so you will have to collect extra flies to make up for it.
Annie Suther
Kyle Morrison
3D Modeler and Programmer - Programmer