Sustainability Exhibition
For the company simple GmbH i leaded a team of programmers and helped programming of the exhibits. The exhibition creates a distinguished picture of the BMW Group’s commitments. Information is divided into manageable chunks. The entertaining games subtly convey their messages. The focus lies on the challenge: visitors are encouraged to play again and improve their performance.
With “Efficient Dynamics Pinball” the visitor experiences the big impact that energy-saving technologies integrated as standard have on CO2 emissions. A real pinball experience is simulated thanks to Unity and Force Feedback Technology, which are located directly in the exhibit itself. The aim of the “One litre race” is to negotiate as much of a set route as possible, with a limited amount of fuel. Intelligent user-behaviour and fuel-efficient driving techniques influence the outcome. Visitors learn that driving behaviour has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Visitors experience the difficulties of maintaining a closed water cycle in “Spinball.” To succeed, both skill and speed are required. Traffic management is highly complex. Yet even dense traffic can be kept in flux with an optimised combination of measures. Engaging feedback empowers visitors to test these combinations.
Robert Mueller
Technical Director - Programmer