Day 9
Updated 3 years ago
Survival Shooter - Player Character
So some time has passed between updates, mainly due to life stuff. It is handy to be able to go back over the old posts though. They also announced potential free stuff if you take part in the Beta of 2018, so I will eventually install it. I just hope the tutorials wont be effected much.

Stuff I Learned

I gotta say I dig this 'class' style of tutorial even though the switching of instructors was slightly jarring at times. I think it was the length of the class that was good, too. 30mins instead of a 7 or 10 min video does feel like you are learning more. Animation does look fairly easy to implement, I think it would be the creation of the animation that would be the hard part. I don't know a lot about 3d modeling or animation, but I will add it to the 'will learn when I need to know' area.

Stuff I didn't understand

I was able to follow everything just fine, but the bit about Ray Casting was confusing. I understand what it's doing, letting us see the game in an isometric view, I'm just not sure I fully understand how.
no new shortcuts.
Matt Donle
Fledgling Learner - Educator