Surf Prodigy 1 & 2
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iOS; Mac; Windows; Android
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NOTE: Surf Prodigy 1 released on App Store 2009 using Shiva Engine. Version 2 in development using Unity.
Are you the next Surfing Prodigy? DrewFX presents a cool surfing game for your iPhone and iPod touch. Paddle hard and don't pull out. It's only water.
Video of the game being reviewed by the Daily App Show can be seen here.
Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an island with some of the best breaks in the world and you happen to be there. Get amongst it!
3D surfing action.
A full surf tour around the island to compete in and beat the challenges.
Seven locations to unlock.
Practice your moves in Free Surf mode on any of the unlocked breaks.
* Surf well enough to attract a Sponsor who will help pay your way through competitions, or go it alone and make a name for yourself.
* Board and wetsuit upgrades to enhance your surfing abilities.
* Waves sizes vary from knee-high to well over head height with left and right breaking waves.
* Cool, rocking soundtrack!
* Punish your board and your wetsuit and you can repair it all with the cash you have earned, using the in-game repair system.
* Perform the new snap move ( counted as a trick in challenges ) move to the top half of the wave, start to turn back for a fraction of a second and press the lightning button. You will then auto-snap down the wave.
* To perform a floater (top left move) get to the bottom of the wave and turn it on. It will auto ride you to top of wave and invoke the floater. Hold until you want to finish, then press the button again. The surfer will jump down.
* When landing an aerial you quickly lose speed on the top of the wave. Press the jump button to leap off and gain speed again.
* Unlock more moves by getting a sponsor. Get a sponsor by earning above 1000 points in a round. The higher the score the better the sponsor you get. More instructions in game.
* Most moves have two stages, turn on to perform move and turn off to complete move. Landing an aerial will auto-complete move for you.
* To get the most height to perform aerial moves, drop down the face of the wave, bottom turn, turn up again to head towards the top of the wave, and hit lightning button. Having done the bottom turn it will auto-aerial but at the same moment hit the jump. You'll get some massive air time.
* To perform a barrel ride, after standing, press the barrel button (see controls from main screen for identification) to turn on the barrel ride (rail grab). You will sink back into the wave. Turning is slightly looser in the barrel. Press the barrel button again (rail grab) to complete move.
What`s new
* Winning bonus item wasn't kept for current session - had to reload to wear item.
* Trimmed time on bonus session.
* Zoomed out camera on small waves so you can see surfer over wash.
* Change camera field of view on barrel so it appears closer to surfer.
* Fix sponsor bug - wasn't able to get sponsor under certain situations.
* Added snow to bonus level.
* Removed rail grab button during aerial as other moves do rail grabs.
* Fixed music bug.
* Reduced max turning speed as it became unplayable at times.
* Tightened barrel ride turning speed to be easier to ride barrels.
Surf Prodigy 2 Development.
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iOS; Mac; Windows; Android