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Enter into the supermarket parking lot, watch out for the police cops and guards, and try to prevent the infrared indicators. This gangster crime run involves the adventure of a criminal escaped from the city jail. The security cameras are installed all over the grocery store, sneak your way into the store and grab whatever you want from the shelves, shop lifting is a routine in this crime city where criminals steal the luxury items like jewelry, and runs away. Supermarket gangsters usually roam around the corners of market for theft in grand car parking auto lot where customers park their cars for going into shopping malls. Due to shop lifting the store security has installed CCTV cameras to keep an eye on the thugs and mafia criminals, as they are involved in snatching cash and valuables, stealing, snatching and running away while hurting the customers.

This run and chase gangster 3D simulator is a crime story of a criminal escaped form the grand central city prison, this auto adventure revolves around prisoner hiding in the city supermarket theft and taking shelter from the police and security. Go out for the robbery and survive this mafia criminal chase and escape after performing the crime. This game is all about making a successful theft crime escape and running out in open area of the car parking lot. After spending a very hard time in central city prison of crime and sin city is like a nightmare. Be a dangerous and attack the security guards and police with your prison cell mates, try to avoid killing and make a safe escape from the supermarket after loot, try to avoid the criminal chase by the police cars as you are on the run on foot.

Be the elite city burglar and gangster of the adventure city, run for your ultimate survival as the crazy robber. Enjoy your free thug life, hunt and shoot and breach the supermarket security. Beware that this is the popular shopping area in town and the police is on high alert on police cars and motorcycles and it’s not easy to escape after committing this crime. Sniper shooters are deputed for security on the rooftop for any unforeseen situation so be careful and don’t get shot while crawling down the corridors as escaping is very tough coz guards are continuously patrolling in supermarket. Russian mafia gang is popular for grand shoplifting, theft and auto robbery; disguised as clown, they enter in the supermarket for burglary and theft. The auto drive thru is not safe for the customers and grand city supermarkets are now turning into the mafia grand gang war zones, watch out for the police dogs as they are specially trained in the police training dog academy for catching criminals, mafia gangsters and thieves. Escape with the best auto drifting skills with amazing jump and stunts, this legendary criminals is the best sniper shooter having the marksman skills to hunt down the SWAT on the rooftop of the supermarket.

Make your way out, fight with the angry mafia gangsters in brutal missions, escape from the inevitable supermarket from the security and police guards chase, use your driving, shooting and run skills. Escape the grand bazar market and shoot down the chasers.

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Abraiz Khan
Unity 3D Game Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS