Super Star Panda Activation Code [key Serial Number]
Published 3 months ago

Super Star Panda Activation Code [key Serial Number] -

About This GameFEATURES:evil rocketsevil meteorsevil satellitesevil spacecraftsevil UFOsevil (not really) power-upsnon-evil, ultra great and helpful SHIELDsupersonic space-time breakdown SLO-MOSUMMARY:Being a panda in this big, big universe is a hard thing. You have to collect all those beautiful silver and gold stars to unlock stuff.Be aware of all evil objects flying around! They are there to make the pandas more extinct than they are already ;__;Enjoy your interstellar journey! d859598525 Title: Super Star PandaGenre: Action, Casual, IndieDeveloper:Buk GamesPublisher:Buk GamesRelease Date: 19 Jan, 2018 Super Star Panda Activation Code [key Serial Number] I like it. It's cute and the controls work well. If I die It's because of me, not the game having poor response.. Super Star Panda is one of those little gems, hidden in vast and wide Steam. It has a very unique and nostalgic 'vibe' of video games from my youth. You know, Amiga 500, NES, Gameboy and others. It's simple, but not easy. You can play it for 5 or 50 minutes and you'll always get a dose of fun. Its not something that'll make you skip the night, but it will make you keep coming every now and then. Kinda like Bejeweled, Zuma or Desktop Dungeons.I initially bought this for my 7yo son (there are virtually NO video games on Steam, for his age range) but I ended up playing the game myself lol. And for one buck this really is no-brainer.. being a flying panda has never been so challenging before.. Is simple, its retro, its panda in space! :D I love a character design <3The price is good, so go ahead and buy it!. Me and my nephew play this game and we liked it. Besides, this panda (and others animals) is cute and fun :). This game reminds me of my childhood! Retro-styled graphics are eye-friendly, it does not strain your eyes, and characters in the game are well thought out- my favourite ones are panda and cat :D The gameplay is varied so sometimes the points may be gained easily while the other time, breaking new records requires some considerable skills. The longer you practice a certain level the better you become at it, eventually improving your results and beating ever never records. However, I definitely prefer using the keyboard! It would be an advantage if this game would also have more information about the opponents, and of course if it would include the ranking of all the players in which I could boast and share all the points raised by me throughout the game :P. Pandas in space? Do I need to say anything more? For real.Good game for a really low price. :)Highly addictive!. so to make it brief - it's not a game of the year, but as a pointless relax - good one :) Good buy for a dolar!
Carrie Johnson