Super Snowman Spider Showdown Supreme - LudumDare 38
Published 3 years ago
Mac; Windows
An army of 6-legged arachnids. One snow globe. One Snowman.

Be a hero. Defend the Gingerbread village from thousands of spiders. An epic battle all taking place inside a snow globe. It’s a small world- but one heroic challenge.
The path the spiders take when spawned was a bit of a challenge to accomplish in the game jam's time limit. The spider's are spawned upside-down at the top of the dome then work their way down the sides until turned right-side-up to walk along the floor of the dome. In the end, as a final solution in order to save time and complete the game submission, a simple waypoint system was used.
Another minor challenge, was figuring out the aiming system. The aiming reticle is after all on a 2D plane (the screen) but needed to target the objects in 3D worldspace.
Scott H. Cameron
Developer | Designer - Programmer
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Mac; Windows