Super Smash Brothers Clash
Hello there , Fellow Game developers ! , can not wait to have the privilege to ideate this project that I had in mind for quite some time now where it has to do with augmentation , and collaborating axises from certain angles by having two variables such as merging 1st person and 3rd person pan views and collating them in tandem . The game is an enhanced version of the "super smash brothers" franchise called "Super Smash Brothers Clash" albeit the architecture of the game play is indifferent to the original , the immersive attributes that is going to be incorporated with the aperture of the game comprises of various entities from other games that are merged in the dynamics of this game such as Paragon , battle born , reincarnate , de formers , lone echo etc. as well as an expansion to the character roster that is imbued with an outwardly design of their pedigree or time line. the team will have a ton of assets assisting us by affiliating Artella with sketch fab , playerium , behance , artstation , unity connect , deviant art , pixiv etc. in which developers from those terminals or web applications are going to assist us as an extended network and have a first glance on how teams from Artella work with each other and having creative minds such as us who are looking for a new means within this acumen by playing games in an immersive way as well as benefiting from them in ways where we never thought could have occurred productivity wise and by prioritizing.
Haroon Amin
project manager - Owner