Super Rock Blasters!: A Brief History
A few years ago I started working on a game jam game called Team Rock Blasters!. My goal with the game was to make a local multiplayer competitive game with an asymmetric twist for 4 players. After some moderately successful play testing I learned that it was really hard to get the exactly 4 players that were needed to play the game. With no game breaking bugs and a modest application of polish, I posted the game to IndieDB and moved on.
A couple of years later, while getting prepared to showcase an entirely different game at a local convention, my business partner and I started considering putting together a local multiplayer game to show along side the game we were showcasing in order to draw more players to our booth. So with about a months lead time, we took Team Rock Blasters! off it's dusty development shelf, updated it to the latest version of Unity (5.0), and started stripping the game down to it's core fun.
A month later we had Super Rock Blasters!. The game was no longer asymmetrical, with every players having the same gameplay. Scoring was also modified from the original game, reducing it down to player kills rather than an overly complex points and bonus based system. We also changed the visual presentation of the game to it's current trip vector line style.
Our goal was to turn Super Rock Blasters! into what we essentially thought of as booth bait but it turned out to be the start attraction. We were excited and inspired by how fun the game was to play in this setting that when we returned to the office, we made the decision to give the game a few more rounds of development and polish. By the following year, with the game Greenlit on Steam, we worked to make the game ready for a release on the platform in January of 2017.
While we didn't make our "indie millions" from Super Rock Blasters! it's continued popularity at a variety of conventions and it's nomination for Game of the Year at the annual Philly Geek Awards inspired us to port the game to console systems, namely the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. We are expecting to release the game on those platforms sometime in the Spring of 2018. Wish us luck! :D

Zenas Bellace
Developer - Owner