Super Nova
1 Super Nova brings a fast-paced psychological thriller to an art deco musical world. Bump and Bounce through a chaotic musical landscape with a sense of paranoia and dream like states. Play as J. Solomon, a normal everyday marketing specialist being chased by an evil sentient being in the form of a Super Sport (SS) 1969 Chevy Nova, always having to look over your shoulder because the villain kills anyone and destroys anything in its path to find you. The player is also being chased by an unbelievable number of Drones, Police, Military, US Marshals, CIA, FBI and Homeland Security. It’s a journey to find if this is reality or just a dream. Succeed with your rhythm skills to take down enemies and put distance between you and your pursuers.
Sandy Appleoff Lyons
Chair, Art of Game Design MFA
Chair, Art of Game Design MFA
SuperNova will be showing in the Intel University Expo during GDC. Check it out!