Super Me!
The client had outlines and documents containing lessons for small children, to help them learn resilience after something traumatic like a natural disaster happens, and wanted to turn it into a game for small children. While the client had expertise in the content they wanted to deliver, they had no experience developing an app or game before. We looked through some existing games together to get a rough idea of what might work for them.
I translated their content into a 2.5D game with a comic book / superhero theme, with both in-game and real-life quests for the children to complete, as well as several 2D and 3D mini-games and activities. There is also a superhero mentor, guiding them throughout their adventures. As the child progresses through the main game, their character earns pieces of their superhero outfit, becoming more and more like their mentor superhero!
In order to assess the effectiveness of the game, and the children's mental progress, we added a short survey about their feelings to the beginning of the game, letting them answer on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. We asked the same questions at the end as well, and aggregated and compared the anonymous information via Google Analytics.
Initially, the game was written as a mobile game, for both iOS and Android, for both phones and tablets. The client was so pleased with the results, they later asked me to create desktop versions as well, for both Windows and macOS! I was able to use a single Unity project for all versions of the game, across all platforms.
  • I was the project manager and sole software developer for the game.
  • I was involved throughout the full project life cycle, from gathering requirements and creating the initial estimate, through production releases and support.
  • I worked with the client to spec the game, and develop gameplay and features.
  • I used skeletal animation for the characters in the game, which was smoother then using sprite sheets. It also reduced the number of graphic assets needed.
  • I created all releases, and uploaded them to all the app stores. I also worked with client to create their accounts.
  • I created the theme song in GarageBand.