Super Mario Kingdom
Updated a year ago
In development
Mac; Windows; Linux
Return to the rich universe of the early Mario 3D games and save the Mushroom Kingdom from another invasion by Koopa's troops
King Koopa is back in the Mushroom Kingdom and expects to have his revenge. He's got possession of the castle and the princess and kidnapped Mario's friends.
The objective of the game will be to transport the player to the atmosphere of the Super Mario 64 game with the mechanics of the latest Mario games. The player will have to explore different levels and fight many bosses.
The game will be as faithful as possible to the universe established in all Mario games including RPGs. The player will meet many allies during the game and discover many secrets.
Development plan
The objective is to quickly make a prototype then a playable demo of the game. For the moment the game is in concept state. Any help is welcome to contribute to the progress of the project.
Theo Lerbeil
Game design / 3D Artist - Student
Game Languages
French; English
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Linux