Super Hyperspace Rhythm Plus Ultra
Published a year ago
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This game was created during the Ludum Dare #41, the theme being "Combine 2 incompatible genres", thus giving birth to (hopefully) the first bullet-hell rhythm game came into this world. Everything form the enemy movement, to the bullets shoot by both player and enemies, the lights, and enemy spawns are dictated by the rhythm of the music, this was achieved using "Apollo" (, a pretty nifty sound processing system created by our team member Enrique Perez (Kichex), which made streamlining the creation of the game a lot more easier, additional features include a global score system (created by Camilo Monsalve (Beren)), so anyone that plays the game can try and immortalize his 3 letter nickname for the world to see :D.
The game was created in the span of 3 days, for this project I worked on all the AI behaviour, object pooling, bullet patterns and some gameplay tweaking, i was really satisfied with how the game turneed out, and we did considerably good in the ludumdare considering the hard competition.
Andres Mrad
Freelance Game Developer - Programmer