Super Death Tower Tournament
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Powered by Evil Bored Galaxy Emperor
Four creatures from the far corners of the galaxy challenge each other after being kidnapped by the Hyper Evil Galaxy Emperor that, bored by the monotony of his life, built a tower to make them challenge for their life.
Location: Tower of Heaven.
To make the challenge deadlier the Emperor released the Thing, a terrible creature from the heart of the universe that devours everything in his path.
Who will be first to freedom? Who'll be the strongest? ... Who will be the first one to die?
The Game
Super Death Tower Tournament is a competitive vertical runner arena in which you have to smash your opponents right to the bottom of the level while trying to stay alive not falling down and being eaten by the Thing, in order to be the last player standing.
Game Experience
Designed for short sessions lasting from 2 to 5 minutes each, competition and mastery are the core of Death Runners, making it close to a fast paced fighting game where local interaction among players is tightly related to the fun curve.
In this game we want to deliver a feeling of excitement challenging due to the fast paced gameplay and the short duration of a match. The pressing rhythm of the game encourages players to long complessive sessions even if one match finishes in short period of time. That helps players developing their skills and with that the challenge between them.
Loris Carletti
Game Designer | Owner @ NoFoxGiven - Designer
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