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In development
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS
Super Catscape is a 2D sidescroller retro plaftormer about Kim, a brave kitten who is abducted by strange alien creatures, along with other pets. Kim used to live with his beloved friend, Dr. Sam, who takes care of him. Dr. Sam created a formula to enhance the regular milk, which seems to have provided Kim with super powers and great intelligence. Now Kim has to find a way to escape from the strange alien planet, saving all captive pets in his way back to Earth.
The game started with a simple premise: to develop a game that evoques nostalgia and endearment. We are currently working on the game systems (savings, power ups, economy), enemy AI and level design. Our goal is to release it on Q3 2018 for Mac/PC, as well as mobile platforms. It will be available in English and Spanish.
Please visit for more information about Super Catscape and our upcoming developments.
Nuke Games
Antar Castro
Maria Izquierdo Barri
Concept Designer - Designer
Concept Designer at MST - Designer
Alan Quiroz
Producer - Executive
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS