Super 23 Racing
Super 23 Racing is a top down arcade racing game, with support for 1 to 4 players, via split-screen. S23R is being developed for PC and Xbox One. Features: - 29 unique characters to choose from, each with an ability bonus - 13 uniquely styled cars, each with an additional ability bonus - 4 cups - 23 tracks - A range of fun offensive and defensive weapons to purchase (using in game money, no IAPs), allowing for different styles of play - 3 types of “communication screens”, where the player is asked multiple choice questions resulting in a reward, or fine, depending on their answers - Player created cups; players are able to create their own cups from tracks they have already unlocked * As S23R is in early development, the game is subject to change from displayed screenshots and videos.
Peter Law
Game Designer/ Unity Developer - Programmer