Sunset Bike Racer
Published a year ago
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Windows; Android; Tizen; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8; WebGL
Turn the key, kick the starter and push the limit of your motocrss racing skills.
Sunset Bike Racer has been first published fall 2016. It has gathered over one million downloads on Android to date and about two million world wide. It's a classic 2D motocross racing game. Most players compare it to Elastomania. It features a global highscore with daily and weekly challenges. The levels are built to allow for shortcuts and secret passages.
★★★ THE GAME ★★★ Have you got what it takes to be the best motocross driver? Turn the key, kick the starter and push the limit of your bike racing skills.
★ REALISTIC BIKE PHYSICS ★ Enjoy the realistic bike physics and discover why motocross fans love Sunset Bike Racer.
★ EARN YOUR STARS .. .. and race new levels to unlock great new bikes. Be the quickest rider in this intense quest for glory. Only the best can unlock all stars and with it the fastest bike in the game.
★ COMPETITIVE GHOST-MODE ★ This time it's not just about reaching the finish line. Try your best to beat the clock and see how you compare. You will not stop until your phones battery dies, we guarantee!
Pick any track and try to beat the clock. Accelerate your bike to ridiculous speeds with the nitro booster. Refill it by performing breathtaking stunts like frontflips, backflips or up hill wheelies. Each level is full of surprises which will give you an adrenaline rush for sure. Find all the secret paths and shortcuts.
★ AMAZING FEATURES ★ + Simple and INTUITIVE controls + Incredible high speed racing tracks and hills to climb + Five unique motorcycles to choose from - ride your favourite bike all the time + Get the fastest bike and dominate the others + Boost your way to the top with mad skills (or a little nitro) + Race your own highscore (ghost) or challenge your friends to do so + Enjoy the crazy racing tracks (they are crazy hard too) + Perform breathtaking stunts + Dash through the levels with wheelies and back flips
★ DOZENS OF TRACKS ★ Sunset Bike Racer has enough content to keep you busy for weeks. Beat the levels and get fast enough to unlock even more tracks.
★ NO INTERNET REQUIRED ★ Play it anywhere, anytime! Sunset Bike Racer does NOT require any internet connection. You can race your ghosts in the subway, on the plane, on the road, anywhere, anytime! Don´t miss a chance to improve your bike handling skill.
★ Family Friendly ★ This game contains NO VIOLENCE at all. It's therefore safe to enjoy with your younger friends or kids.
★ SUPPORT ★ If you have a problem with the game please send an error report: Please add as much information as you can.
★ FEEDBACK ★ You have got an idea for the game? Post it in the comments or write a support request:
Have fun racing!
Georg Kamptner
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English; English, British; German; Swiss German; Spanish; French; Portuguese; Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese, Portugal
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android; Tizen; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8; WebGL