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2645 – Earth is lost.

Humankind strives for new habitats - first on mars – then in space itself. We are visiting the spacestation Suncatcher 4.12, the biggest of its kind.

Here you can see the final status of the trailer for Suncatcher 4.12

My name is Tom Breuer and I have been working as a 3D artist since graduating in Communication Design 3 years ago. I specialize in architecture visualizations and animations in Unity.
I'm always happy when I can create characters and worlds with a relationship but also a strong contrast to our own world, but especially with as much freedom as is given in such a challenge.
I started the project with the idea of creating a spacestation centered around a small planet where the crew of the station can live. The station itself is a construct which only purpose is to keep the planet alive.
The gameplay will always be that we come into an area and have to behave inconspicuously so as not to be recognized by the overdrive drones. - Important note - do not upset people
Next, I will adjust the camera animations with light movements and close-ups.
Likewise, the animation of the main character - especially in the collision with the figure and the animation of the drone. There are still some sound and UI elements missing.

The final animation - the encounter of the drone and the main character is not yet integrated - this follows in the next trailer.
There are still a few animations and models missing. I use the styles from the current version and roughly draw the animations and models on top, so that I can already adjust the camera animation and movement of the people.
Currently I'm animating the whole scene using Timeline - for this I use ready-made animation from the StandardAssets / EthanAnimation - for the Walk and Run. I animate my own animations for the more special parts like the jump / fall - unrolling and the collision animation of the characters - plus all drone animations that are still shown in the trailer.

Step 1. Concept
Concept Suncatcher 4.12
Using simple box modeling to find the basic structure of my base and build on it.
Concept Enviroment
The Suncatcher 4.12 absorbs the radiation from the nearby sun to get enough energy for the station - so it was important to put it in the right place.
Using the plugin AmplifyShaderEditor, I created a shader that generates light movements over the timescale - so the sun's surface is always in motion.

Concept Planet
The very center of Suncatcher 4.12 holds a tiny planet that provides enough space for the crew of the station.
Four honeycombs are distributed on the planet, in which the crew of Suncatcher 4.12 lives - outside the honeycombs there is a wide green area. My design of the quarters was inspired by an abstract, traditional style of japanese construction work. The whole architecture is laid on many convoluted paths carried by massive beams.

Step 2. Final design
Suncatcher 4.12
Living quarters

Suncatcher - more details in the interior of the station to maintain a feeling of density. Mostly adding turbins to the poles that cover the inner surface of the sphere.
Sun - particlesystems to portray solar flares.

Planet - make the combs inhabitable, connecting and opening sectors, using cables, ladders, doors, cables etc.). Adding more detail to the park using paths and plazas.

Currently I am working on the planet surface. Here I will try to combine a natural environment with design elements of amusement parks.

The model was based on origami models - both the texture and the shape of the model are based on it. In the next step I animate the figures as they move freely through the city and on the other planetary surface.
Here you see how I do the collision animation of the origami figures (timelaps)

Here you see the follower drone - first in Blender with the ColorID - and in the second picture with textures. I've created an IK rig for the drone to make animating through the houses work better.

The drone animation is later combined with idle, running and attack animations in the timeline.drone

For this project I will use the following Unity plugins:

Post Processing Stack (free)!/content/83912
Cinemachine (free)!/content/79898
Unity Recorder (free)!/content/94079
StandartAssets (free) Animation
Lighting Box 2!/content/93057

For this project I will use the following Software:
Blender 3D - Modeling and animation of all figures and environment models in the video
Photoshop (Quixel) - Generating all the textures I used in the video
Tom Breuer
3D Artist - Designer
Sascha Altmann
3 years ago
3D Artist
Sauber ✌️
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Looking good :) It is a unique creative project.
Roland Semrau
3 years ago
Senior Software Developer
I really like the idea of lots of green space in a space station. This is looking awesome, can't wait to see the next update.
Mayuresh Shete
3 years ago
thats so amazing, Liked the cute little city..
Tom Breuer
3 years ago
3D Artist
Thanks!, I do my best for the Storyline of this Universe :)