Sugar High Shakedown and Revenja
Sugar High Shakedown (Game #1: Don't lose your teeth to sweets, lose it to a kick to the mouth in a great 2 player beat em upper!) Revenja (Game #2: Last of your clan, which path will you take in this 2D Metroidvania type game?)
Taking the steps to create an all out enjoyable beat em up titled Sugar High Shakedown. I put up a blog for anyone remotely interested. I did all the pixel art old fashioned style by clicking each pixel. I started programming it using the Construct 2 engine, but if you read the blog notes you'll come to find this project deserves a larger scale engine like Unity to complete. I do have a programmer along with a composer, we just need a person who has the time to import all the level art into Unity or such so that Oskars can get the moving parts up and running. This would be a team effort with share pay (if it comes to unleashing it on the world) and collaborative project where ideas are welcomed. You will also notice a 2D Metroid style game called REVENJA that is linked to the site. Both ideas and more in need of a level designer. I have pixel art of how the whole levels/worlds look and the little ins and outs of how actions functions and their effects mapped out. Oh, and the art is ready. Go and read on the site to see if it is something you'd like to be a part of. Thanks
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